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While your children enjoy wall to wall inflatables, our trained staff will observe all play areas to enforce the rules of Monkey Joe's. We strongly encourage all parents to monitor their children at all times during play.

We use Enviro-Master to clean our inflatables! With Enviro-Master, we always strive to provide your family with an excellent experience in a safe, clean environment. To that end, our inflatables are regularly treated with Enviro-Master product that is EPA registered hospital disinfectant electrostatic treatment. Applied by trained certified technicians using a micro-misting device, Enviro-Master Sani-Guard kills 99.9% of fungi, bacteria, and viruses using a safe, non-toxic solution.

Yes, we have a reservationist at your local Monkey Joe's who can assist you in booking your party. If you did not find your answer please feel free to contact us.

Yes, all kids are required to wear socks in the play areas. If your kids do not have socks, we have them available for purchase at our concession area.

Food can be ordered in advance for booked events only.

You can get a Frequent Jumper Card from your local Monkey Joe's location. Your card can be used for walk-in play, reducing the price of regular admission up to 40 percent. This card cannot be applied for groups and can only be redeemed at the location it was purchased from

Yes, we offer group rates for daycares, religious organizations, moms group play dates, camps, school groups and other large parties. Please contact your local Monkey Joe's location for more information. We also offer a Frequent Jumper Card that reduces the price of regular admission up to 40 percent. However, this is only available to walk-in customers and does not apply to groups.

We do not allow outside food or drinks at any Monkey Joe's location. We do have a Snack Shack with a variety of refreshments (varying by location) for you and your kids, which include dairy free and nut free options. If you have a dietary restriction, please contact your local Monkey Joe's.

For the safety of your kids, we do not allow teenagers and adults to play on any of the jumps, slides, and obstacle courses. You are welcome to assist kids 4 years-old and younger in the play areas, but you may not bounce or play. Some locations may limit the jumps adults may assist on. Please see specific location site for additional information.

Safety is our top priority. In order to provide a safe environment for your kids to play and for your peace of mind, we have created a "Safety Access Child Control System" (SACCS). Our SACCS includes:
  • Properly trained staff
  • Certified jumps with safety mats at all jump entrances and exits
  • Video monitoring and identity bracelets that tell us who is in our play centers
  • Age appropriate play centers with separate jumps for toddlers, 3 years-old and younger and kids 2-12 years-old

At Monkey Joe’s, walk-ins are encouraged. You can bring your kids to enjoy wall to wall fun at any time during your local Monkey Joe's hours of operation.

Your kids can stay and play as long as they would like during your local Monkey Joe's hours of operation. Once you leave the Monkey Joe's facility, there is no re-entry.

Only kids 12 years-old and younger are permitted to play on the equipment. We have a Toddler Retreat, a separate play area for toddlers 3 years-old and younger. For the safety of your kids, we do not allow anyone over 12 years-old to bounce or play at Monkey Joe's. Some local Monkey Joe’s offer a Gamer Island, which is open to kids and adults of all ages. Some locations may also have height restrictions for children 12 and younger. See specific location site for additional information.

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