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7 Things You Can Do to Help Your Kid in School

School is back in session and we’ve been watching all of our little monkeys go off to new and exciting adventures! Now that you’ve (hopefully) had some time to start getting adjusted, you may need a little boost to help your child do well in school this year. Doing well in school doesn’t just come from hours of studying and homework; there are plenty of things you and your family can do at home to help your kid in school and set them up for success.

Our top home hacks to help your kid do well in school:

  1. Eat a good breakfast. Studies show that kids who eat well in the morning have more energy, focus, and success in school. Make sure they have a source of protein such as eggs or meat and keep it healthy! Sugary cereals can be an easy crowd-pleaser, but they won’t keep your kid full and energized — they’ll likely crash before they make it to lunchtime. Eating a healthy breakfast is the perfect way to start the day.
  2. Exercise. Encourage fun exercises while your child is at home, and they’ll find plenty of benefits as they go through school. They’re sitting down a lot during their school day, so let them get out their energy, stretch their legs, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can help them sleep better at night, which sets them up for success the next day. Exercise can also increase your child’s mood, so they’re less likely to feel frustrated or on-edge at school. (We know a fun place to get that exercise in…)
  3. Have a regular routine. A regular routine at home can help set your child up for success. It’s a great way to create some stability and consistency in their life and to help them know exactly what to expect each day. When things are new and even a little scary, a consistent routine can be the thing that helps your child stay ahead. Things like brushing their teeth, getting ready, packing their lunch, and making time for breakfast should all be part of their morning routine. Include an afternoon routine as well. This can be tough if your weeks are packed full of sports, clubs, and other activities, but create as much consistency as possible, including the time and location for homework, when they eat dinner, and a bedtime.
  4. Identify a homework hub. As mentioned above, it’s important to give your children a consistent time and place to do homework. A homework hub can be a desk, a place at the table, a separate room, or any place that isn’t also used for fun. Create a space where your child will feel motivated and creative, but not distracted. Bring them into the process of creating this hub and allow them to add their own personal touches. Make sure they use this space for homework each day to help create that routine and consistency.
  5. Make time for creativity. Make sure your child has plenty of time for fun and creativity at home. Encourage them to create things and to pursue a hobby, giving them an outlet to keep their minds going strong while they’re at home. The goal should be to encourage them to prefer this over watching TV or playing video games. Being more creative and taking part in some type of hobby will help them stay sharp and bright in school.
  6. Encourage open dialogue. Ask your child about their day, and show that you truly care about what they have to say. Communicate to them that they’re allowed to tell you if they’re struggling, confused, or having any issues in school. This will help them feel like they have an advocate, and they’re much more likely to come to you as soon as they begin feeling like this, rather than waiting until it gets worse.
  7. Celebrate a job well done! Don’t just recognize negative behavior; make sure you recognize and celebrate great behavior! Even the smallest things can give you a reason to celebrate. Maybe it’s an outstanding grade on a test, or maybe it’s because they’ve mastered a new skill. Take your child for ice cream after they study for a test to encourage this great behavior, or give them a treat if they complete their homework quicker than usual. Maybe even take them to Monkey Joe’s to celebrate after a long week! There are plenty of things to celebrate, and plenty of ways to do this. Be creative and attentive in order to find these things!

Need some more tips as your kids get accustomed to the new school year? Check out our blog for more tips and insights.