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5 Ways to Make Homework Fun for Your Kids

Now that your kids have made the transition into a new school year, the excitement is starting to wear down. This can make the task of getting your kids to do their homework an extremely difficult one, but homework doesn’t have to be a drag. Just a few simple things can make homework fun for your kids!

Take a look at these tips on how you can make homework fun for your kids:

  1. Pre-homework activity. Something that gets your kids moving before they sit down to do their homework can help them relax and focus when it comes time to work hard. This can be anything from a family walk to a dance party in the living room. Physical activity has a lot of benefits, including improved thinking and higher test scores.
  2. Healthy snacks. If you designate homework time to be early enough in the day, snacks won’t spoil dinner and can actually help them with their homework! Healthy food has been proven to improve brain activity and also gives your kids a nice incentive to want to do homework.
  3. Kids’ workspaces. You may have your home office or kitchen table, but your kids need their own little workspace too! Something comfortable with minimal distractions from the outside world will go a long way in helping your child focus. With this designated workspace, they’ll be in the zone both physically and mentally. Let them decorate the space to make it more fun and exciting for them.
  4. Team up. Find other parents with kids who have the same classes as your kids. This gives you and your kids some social time as well. Make sure that your kids know that playtime will come after their work is done. They’ll be more motivated to finish their work so that they can play with their friends afterwards.
  5. Reward good work. When your kids finish their work, be sure to let them know that they did a good job! Occasional tangible rewards can be a great way to incentivize kids to put good work in on their homework.

And what is a better way to reward good work than a trip to Monkey Joe’s? Let your kids know that there’s a trip to your local Monkey Joe’s after they finish their homework and they are bound to knock it out. We’d love to help you make this school year a great one!