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4 Advantages of Having Routines for Kids

Summer is at its tail end – maybe your kids have already hopped on the bus back to school or maybe you are rushing around making sure they have everything they need for their first day. Both parents and kids can experience some major stress during this time. Getting back in the swing of things can be a healthy thing, though. Routines for kids can be just as beneficial for the kids as they are for the parents.

Take a look at these 4 advantages of routines for kids:

  1. Confidence. Routines provide a sense of security that allows your kid to take whatever life throws at them with increased confidence. With a consistent routine, kids can anticipate what is coming next. This results in them feeling more in control, allowing them to transition through big and small events with confidence!
  2. Independence and responsibility. One of the major advantages of routines is that your kid gets to take things on themselves. Whether it’s tying their shoes before heading off to school or brushing their teeth at the end of their day, these simple tasks help them to take responsibility and develop a sense of independence. This benefit of your kids’ routines will help them with every stage of life to come.
  3. Healthy habits. What your child’s routine involves at this stage of life will affect their habits in the years to come. Include healthy habits in their daily routine to teach them ideas like the importance of balanced meals and physical activities. Take a look at the 10 healthy habits that you can include in your kids’ routines.
  4. Respect and cooperation. This benefit helps the parents as much as it does the kids. With a set routine, kids can anticipate what is to come. This decreases the likelihood of your kid arguing with you about the activities of the day. And remember, less temper tantrums = happier parents. 

So as your kids head back to school, remember these advantages of routines. Start to plan out some activities to make a routine that is both beneficial and fun for your kids. This can include sports practices, daily homework time, or weekly play time at Monkey Joe’s! Find a location close to you and come play with us!